4 Car Cleaning Life Hacks

Cleaning your vehicle might be a tricky business; it may take too much time and effort but bring little result. We collected the most useful life hacks for car cleaning and are happy to share them with you. Read on and change your cleaning routine!

1. Use olive oil for polishing

Don’t want to spend money on overly expensive polishers but still want your car to give your car a nice shine, use a regular olive oil! Simply rub the olive oil into your dashboard like you would do with a polisher and enjoy it shining! Moreover, it will prevent the surfaces from getting cracks.

2. Clean off old dirt with drill scrubbers

Rubbing the dirt off, using multiple cleaning solutions, and still not being to get rid of it is extremely frustrating. But why spend so much effort on such a simple activity? Get yourself a Drill Scrubber Brush Kit and clean everything off without putting much effort!

3. Cupcake liners to protect cup holders

Drinks will always leave a mark in your cup holders, no matter how careful you are. And cleaning them is a rather difficult task due to their size. Instead of preparing the smallest brush you have, just put a silicone cupcake liner into the cup holder – now you can easily take it out and clean or just replace and get a new one!

4. Get rid of pet hair

Travelling with your pets is fun, there’s no doubt to it, but what to do with hair that they shed all over the car interior, which is also extremely hard to remove? You can of course get a special Seat Cover for this purpose, or simply use plain water. Spray the seats with water and run them with a squeegee – this way, all hair will be collected and easily removed!

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